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Cheaper Than A New Conservatory

If your conservatory is unbearable to sit in and you are not making use of the space, then a conservatory roof conversion is a brilliant way of rescuing your purpose built room.

The cost of a conservatory roof conversion is significantly cheaper compared to the cost of a full conservatory replacement, not to mention of money you may be losing through heat loss and heating costs.

A new roof will reduce the amount of heat escaping upwards through the roof, making it much more of a cosy place to be during the colder snaps.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs FAQ

If your conservatory is faulty, lacking its original appearance or no longer suits your needs, then a replacement conservatory roof is the ideal solution for its maintaining value and increasing its efficiency.

Cheaper Than A New Build

Cheaper than purchasing a new build and a wide range of conservatory roof styles to choose from so you can create the perfect look for your conservatory.

A Higher Thermal Performance

An insulated conservatory replacement roof will allow you to maintain the right temperature throughout the year, making your conservatory a comfortable place to be whatever the season.

Benefit From Quick Installation

With a conservatory already built, your conservatory roof can be installed much quicker, with less disruption than a full build.

The cost of replacing a conservatory roof is likely to depend on many factors such as style, size and material. Conservatory roof prices will also vary between installers and location.

Average Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost

Conservatory Size Conservatory Roof Cost
3000 x 1900 £500
4000 x 1900 £590
5000 x 1900 £800
6000 x 1900 £850
7000 x 1900 £1000
8000 x 1900 £1,200
9000 x 1900 £1,370
10,000 x 1900 £1,450
11,000 x 1900 £1,700

If your conservatory roof has wearing glass or plastic outside of its guarantee, then a conservatory roof replacement offers a simple, cost-effective solution.

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If you are experiencing problems with your conservatory such as leaks, condensation and fluctuations in temperature, then fixing your conservatory roof may well be the solution you are looking for.

Rather than replacing your conservatory and paying for a new one, conservatory roof replacement will save you much time and money.

Our conservatory suppliers will be able to advise the best conservatory replacement options and whether a change in roof will be able fix your issues.

Your conservatory roofer will fully protect your existing conservatory and surroundings, ensuring all entrances are secure. Most companies will dispose of your old roof for you, taking it from your property and recycling the materials.

In most cases planning permission won’t be required as you will already have a structure in place. However, it is always worth checking with your conservatory roof supplier or installer in case there are any issues. If planning permission is required, then your conservatory supplier or installer will have an expert planning team at hand.

Conservatory Replacement Roof

How Effective Is Your Conservatory Roof?

Is your conservatory roof in good, working order? Conservatory roofs play an important role in keeping your room safe and secure.

Comfortable No Matter The Weather

Your conservatory roof should protect your room from the extremities of the British weather while keeping it hidden from the sun’s harmful rays. Yet it must still allow for lots of natural light, keeping your room warm during the winter and cool in the Summer months.

If your conservatory temperature makes it a no go zone and you’re no longer enjoying all your conservatory has to offer, then it’s time you looked at replacing your old conservatory roof.

Conservatory Roofing Problems

The roof is one of the most important parts of the entire conservatory construction.

Poorly installed conservatory roofs can cause lots of unpleasant problems, especially if they happen to be a cheap roofing system.

Problems such as overheating, leaking and being too cold in the winter are just some of the reasons why many homeowners stray from using their conservatories.

Choose A Replacement Conservatory Roof

Don’t let that valuable space and investment go to waste.

Simply by replacing your conservatory roof, you can transform your conservatory into a usable room the whole family can enjoy.

UPVC Victorian Conservatory

Conservatory Roof Materials

There are also many conservatory roof materials to suit your needs. Glass and polycarbonate are the most affordable but tiled conservatory roofs and solid conservatory roofs are increasing in popularity.

Their offering of extra privacy and insulation is very attractive which is why many homeowners now favour these conservatory roof styles over full glazing.

Types Of Conservatory Roof Materials

Known as a thermoplastic, polycarbonate is a light weight plastic which has been made to be thermally efficient. It has a slightly ‘frosted’ appearance which can give a distinctive look as well as aiding privacy from above. It is also the most affordable conservatory roof option.

Polycarbonate Roof Panels

Polycarbonate conservatory roof panels come in a wide variety of thicknesses ranging from 16-35mm. Generally, the thicker the material the more thermally efficient it is but even at its thickest, polycarbonate is unable to match the U values of specialist glazed units.

Polycarbonate also has a tendency to distort sunlight and views so if you are after a crisp view of your garden, glass will be the better option.

Not A Low-Maintenance Option

A polycarbonate roof will also get dirtier a lot quicker than glass and is likely to require cleaning at least twice a year.

If you intend to use your conservatory regularly throughout the year, polycarbonate roof panels may not be the best choice. Cost-effective and easy to install, polycarbonate will be the best option for conservatories used for plants and gardening.

A tiled conservatory roof is often found in the more traditional conservatory design, as it tends to complement existing brickwork. Tiled conservatory roofs are also recommended to those who live within a conservation area or listed property, as planning permission for these type of roofs is generally a lot easier.

Tiled conservatory roofs offer greater insulation but can be heavy. Your conservatory roof installer will assess your conservatory to determine whether tile roofing would be suitable.

Not Suitable For Glass Structures

Tiled roofs are usually placed on top of existing brickwork where the load is evenly spread so if you happen to have a plastic or glass structure then a tiled conservatory roof isn’t the best choice.

If you happen to have your heart set on a tiled roof, then you can modify your existing structure so that it can accommodate the weight. You need to have an experienced conservatory roof installer and have planning permission approved before you go ahead.

Light Weight Conservatory Tiles

There are also lightweight tiled roof options available but your experienced installer will be able to recommend the best method of replacement.

Conservatory tiled roofs are often used as replacements for ageing glass or polycarbonate roofs and have become a popular alternative roof for newer conservatories.

Energy efficient, a conservatory tiled roof will turn your under-used conservatory space into a warm and welcoming room which can be used every day. A conservatory tiled roof will blend well with existing brickwork, complementing the aesthetics as a whole.

Tiled Roof Benefits

  • Reduce Sun Glare
  • Noise Reduction
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Quick Installation With Minimal Disruption

Glass conservatory roofs are an excellent option if you’re looking for increased light and enhanced views. Glass technology has improved greatly over the years and now conservatory owners can enjoy a range of glass styles such as solar glass, safety glass, obscure glass and even self-cleaning glass.

  • Solar Glass: This glass is used to treat and reduce sun glare, reflecting solar energy away from your conservatory.
  • Obscure Glass: A range of obscure patterns are available, increasing the privacy of your conservatory.
  • Safety Glass: This glass has been designed to break into harmless fragments when shattered for greater safety.


uPVC is 100% recyclable and is a popular material for conservatory roofs. A uPVC roof is strong, durable and low maintenance and more importantly, affordable. This material is often combined with glass or polycarbonate and is suited to almost any conservatory.

Aluminium conservatory roofing offers more or less the same benefits as uPVC but is much more flexible when it comes to design. It can be designed to fit almost any shape and comes in an extensive range of finishes.

This roofing material is extremely low maintenance, provides lots of structural strength and offers superb thermal sleeving.
Hardwood Conservatory Roof

Timber can be a great choice for the more traditional conservatory and with many modern uPVC products now offering realistic wood-grain finishes, you certainly won’t be stuck for choice.

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