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As the conservatory market has grown so too, has conservatory roof design. Promising better energy efficiency, looks and security, today’s conservatory roof is now superior in form and functionality.

The modern conservatory roof is made from strong and durable lightweight materials for long-lasting protection and beautiful aesthetics.

Old Flaws Are Eliminated

Many homeowners are unhappy with their old conservatories and find that their rooms suffer from extreme temperature fluctuations during the summer and winter, making their conservatory unusable.

Modern conservatory roofs have been designed to eliminate these old flaws, giving homeowners back their valuable space and investment.


Conservatory Roof Styles

This conservatory roof incorporates a terrace-style framework with sheets of glass held in place with uPVC or aluminium supports.

This simple yet stylish lean-to conservatory roof will create an illusion of extra height in your conservatory, running parallel to the exterior wall of your home and creating a contemporary slanted or ‘lean-to’ roof.

If you have a Mediterranean-style terrace space then a lean-to conservatory glass roof could be the perfect addition, allowing you to enjoy the warmth  and sun all year round.

The lean-to conservatory roof is ideal for homes with low rooflines. The conservatory roof can be as low or as high as required and are much more practical and easier to fit when compared to conservatories with a high apex.

With a lean-to conservatory, you can either have one or two hips which make them perfect for kitchen extensions.

This flat-fronted conservatory design has a generous sloping pitched roof which provides a magnificent vaulted ceiling.

Edwardian conservatory roofs can be specified to fit almost any property, including those with height restrictions. This is achieved through a hipped conservatory roof which is specifically designed for hipped roofed properties.

In a hipped front conservatory, the ridge is apex to the roof and appears similar to the roof design of a typical house.

The Victorian conservatory has a beautiful steep pitched roof which slopes upwards from the sides. In similar fashion to the Edwardian, the ridge is the apex part of the roof.

Double hipped conservatory roofs are available with this design, allowing height restricted properties to benefit from the Victorian style.

A double hipped roof is where the roof is pitched on both sides of the conservatory extension, rather than connecting to the house of the wall.

This offers the perfect compromise between achieving a classic roof style and a seamless finish.

The gable conservatory roof is impressive from every angle, with an impressive high apex and vaulted ceiling. The roof meets in the middle of the structure, creating a triangle like shape.

This high vaulted roof will enhance all available light, proving a wonderful bright atmosphere. Best suited to high-ceilinged homes, the gable conservatory roof is elevated at the front with windows which extend all the way to its apex.

For height restricted properties, a hipped-back roof with box gutter is recommended in order to achieve the perfect fit.

Combination conservatories such as the P-shape and L-shape, are ideal for larger, detached properties. The P-shape combines a lean-to conservatory style with a Victorian style and the L-shaped conservatory roof combines a lean-to with a Georgian or Edwardian style.

The double hipped conservatory roof helps homeowners strike the perfect balance between style and an effortless fit.

Instead of being connected to the property wall, a double hipped conservatory will have a pitched roof on either sides.

This allows the property to accommodate almost any conservatory style with an angled roof.

The Cost Of Conservatory Roofs

There are many conservatory roofs on the market, with a plentiful choice of materials and decorative designs.

The cost of your conservatory roof will entirely depend on your individual specification.

Conservatory roof prices can vary greatly. Basic conservatory designs such as the lean-to conservatory, will be cheaper in cost when compared to a conservatory with a pitched or flat roof design.

Conservatory Roof

Choosing The Right Conservatory Roof

In order to achieve the best possible roof style for your conservatory, you need to choose one which meets your living expectations by selecting the right materials to suit your requirements.

Replacement Roof Options

There are many options when it comes to replacing your conservatory roof, with many styles making your conservatory more economical to heat.

Many conservatory installers understand that when there is such a varied range of requirements – choice is key.

This is why there are a number of conservatory roof materials available on the market, including aluminium, uPVC, hardwood, glass and polycarbonate to name a few.

Replacement Conservatory Roof

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